Sunday, October 18, 2009

Janus Victoria's Dalaw in Competition at CineManila

A few months ago, I did the production design for Dalaw which led to a lot of scuttering about and nagging people for props.

The short premieres in competition at the Young Cinema Night Programme of Cinemanila 2009

Running time 15:00

Local superstition has it that those who have passed on continue to visit their loved ones. A young woman trying to heal from a failed relationship seeks refuge in her grandmother's house and discovers her grandmother is grieving the loss of her friend. The two find solace in each other as they inhabit their private world of loss and remembrance.

Writer, Director, Producer: Janus Victoria
Cinematographer: Carlo Mendoza
Production Manager, Cherish Brillon
Assistant Director: Ryan Nikolai Dino
Production Designer: Ivy Universe Baldoza
Sound: Pete Marquez
Music Jerrold Tarog
Editor: Janus Victoria
Cast: Che Ramos, Ada Dino, Miranamedina

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