Monday, December 24, 2007

A Merry Caffeinated Christmas

I got my acceptance letter from the Berlinale Talent Campus three days ago. A day later Miss Marcie Jost emailed me back and whoppeee! I'm in for the Berlinale Script DOC too. It was a long shot and pretty much sheer luck that they like the storyline. Now I'm translating my script into English nonstop, I hope it sounds a lot better figuratively. I've skipped the merry making and the baking too. Spending the holidays caffeinated isn't what I had in mind. I was thinking more like drunk on margaritas and sleeping like a cow on the couch would be a fantastique holiday. Now i'm just soo riled up writing and translating, must make the deadline by vacation's end. Now that's a Christmas rush.

My mom's like so unbelievably happy for me, but she doesn't even understand half of what's going on. I can't even tell her how much sacrilege and vulgarity I've put on into that script, it'll freak her out hehe. Well I guess that's how moms are.

I wonder who the others are? I'm sure there are other pinoy filmmakers going to the campus. But there's no word yet, maybe after new year.