Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bunot at the FACINE16: the 16th annual Filipino American Cinefest

FACINE16: the 16th annual filipino american cinefest
Start Time: Friday, November 20, 2009 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 5:00pm
Location: Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Main Library

The FACINE festival is the longest-running festival of its kind in North America that features films by and/or about Filipino/a and Filipino/a Americans. Now on its 16th year, the festival runs for two days, November 20-21, 2009 at the San Francisco Main Library.

Artistic Director/Film programmer: Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr.

Schedule of screenings:

Friday, November 20, 1-5 pm

Our stories from the 'hood
1:00-2:00 p.m.

Legend (Mark Villegas, dir & prod; 5 min, 2009)

Got Book? Auntie Helen's Gift of Books (Florante Pete Ibanez, dir; UCLA Department of World Arts & Culture/Center for EthnoCommunications , prod; 8:45 min, 2005) - short documentary on Helen Brown, the founder of Pilipino American Reading Room & Library

Sounds of a New Hope (Eric Tandoc, dir; Mass Movement & Sine Patriotiko, prods; 41 min, 2009) - Tandoc follows Filipino American rap artist, Kiwi, through his work with youth both in the US and the Philippines where he uses music to raise political consciousness.

In a weird, crazy world of my neighbors:
Hilarity ensues when Filipinos celebrate reunion;
imagination soars through moments of craziness and mayhem.
2:00-3:00 p.m.

The Reunion (Pio Candelaria, dir/prod; 3 min, 2009)
The San Miguel Family Reunion (Theophilus Jamal & Joel Rosal, dirs; MojaStudio & PhlipFLIX Productions, prods; 14:23 min, 2008)
Alice, Interrupted (Theophilus Jamal, dir; MojaStudio LLC, prod; 10 min, 2009) – A special preview screening
Bunot/Husk (Ivy Universe Baldoza, dir/prod; 7:08 min, 2008)
Nekro (Crisostomo Juan Andaluz, dir; Carl and Carl Productions, prod; 19:01 min, 2008)

Special Premiere US screening
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Handumanan/Remembra nce (Seymour Barros-Sanchez, dir; Red Room Productions, prod; 85 min, 2009)
Filipina model/actress ChinChin Gutierrez stars as romance novelist faces the difficult changes in her career and life.

Saturday, November 21, 10 am-5 pm

The Filipino, undaunted
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Gami dad Lnumfig/We, the Oppressed (Nerve Macaspac, Audrey Beltran, dir; 32 min, 2008)
- The indigenous peoples of the Philippines are still a people suffering from neglect and discrimination.

Kinulayang Kiti/Hand-painted feathers (Richard Legaspi, dir; Red Room Productions, prod; 24 min, 2009)
- A young boy yearns to have his own painted chick believing that it can bring back the life of his father shot in a picketline.

The Momentary Enemy (Angel Velasco-Shaw, dir/prod; 24:30 min, 2008)
An experimental documentary that explores a century's worth of war rhetoric and filmic representation from the dawn of last century's Philippine-American War to Vietnam and the Iraq War. Features interviews with Reynaldo Ileto, Howard Zinn and Ninotchka Rosca.

What of woman, herself empowered
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Life Begins at O'Farrell Street (Peggy Peralta, dir/prod; 3 min, 2005)
Hello, My Name is Clarisse (Peggy Peralta, dir/prod; 3 min, 2005)
Killeg/Long life (Golda Mae Bao-ag Pay-ong, dir; University of Makati Film Society, prod; 9:52 min, 2008)
Soledad is Gone Forever (Mabel Valdivieso, dir; Cesar Viana Teague/Haiku Films, prod; 14 min, 2006)
Always Faithful (Sam Wellington, dir/prod; in association with South of Ten, Abyssinian Moon Productions, Palindrome Pictures, prods; Esperanza Catubig, star; 13 min, 2008)

12:30-1:00 p.m.

Special US Premiere screening
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Puntod/Baby' s tomb (Cesar Apolinario, dir; Arlyn de la Cruz/ADC Productions, prod; 111 min, 2009)
A daughter of Manila's slums dreams of having a dignified burial space for her mother, forges deep friendships with an old blind man and other children.

Special US Premiere screening
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Anacbanua/The child of the sun (Christopher Gozum, dir; Sine Caboloan, prod; 105 min, 2009)
The filmmaker's love letter to his province, Pangasinan, in text and stunning visuals.

All films are either in English or in different Filipino languages (Tagalog, Bisaya, Pangasinan, etc.) with English subtitles.

A short Q&A with filmmakers in attendance follows after all screenings.

All screenings are FREE to public.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan Diño's Short Film: "Ang Ibig Sabihin ng 'OK Lang'

On location Caltex, Filinvest

What does 'OK Lang' really mean?

Filmmaker Ryan Diño

Ang Ibig Sabihin ng 'OK Lang'Short film in Exhibition - CineManila Young Cinema Night 2009  
(Philippines, HD, 2009)
Running Time : 20 minutes
Original Language : Filipino / English
Subtitles: English

Ina Feleo
PJ Lanot

Writer, producer, editor and director Ryan Nikolai Diño
Creative Consultant and Assistant Director Vicente Garcia Groyon
Line Producer Janus Victoria
Cinematography Rain Yamson II
Production Design Lai del Rosario
Music Ado Ortiz
Sound Design Paul Fabregas
Production Manager Heather Europa
Art Director Wilson Alba
Storyboard Artist Ray Anthony Diño
Makeup Artist Lala Nuevaorlanda
Co-producer Lui Villaruz
Production Companies HAT Films, Creative Playground Productions, KIÑO

About two twentysomethings caught somewhere between friendship and love, set in 21st century urban Manila.

Support the indies!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Janus Victoria's Dalaw in Competition at CineManila

A few months ago, I did the production design for Dalaw which led to a lot of scuttering about and nagging people for props.

The short premieres in competition at the Young Cinema Night Programme of Cinemanila 2009

Running time 15:00

Local superstition has it that those who have passed on continue to visit their loved ones. A young woman trying to heal from a failed relationship seeks refuge in her grandmother's house and discovers her grandmother is grieving the loss of her friend. The two find solace in each other as they inhabit their private world of loss and remembrance.

Writer, Director, Producer: Janus Victoria
Cinematographer: Carlo Mendoza
Production Manager, Cherish Brillon
Assistant Director: Ryan Nikolai Dino
Production Designer: Ivy Universe Baldoza
Sound: Pete Marquez
Music Jerrold Tarog
Editor: Janus Victoria
Cast: Che Ramos, Ada Dino, Miranamedina

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bunot at the 25th Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival

Bunot was shown as the opening short for the feature film, Jay.

(Philippines, 2008) Dir: Francis Xavier Pasion
Video, 96 mins, Color, Narrative, Tagalog w/ES

A gay schoolteacher, Jay is brutally murdered and the story begins with a reality TV show that documents Jay's death. While the show features his death, grieving family, interviews with colleagues and Jay's lover, it soon becomes clear that this concept of "reality" owes much to the entertainment value of the material being shot, and the expectations of the television audience.

Friday, December 12, 2008

An Eternity of Comic Covers

I guess this guy David Campbell said it best about the site, "They have a metric assload of scanned covers and you will waste an entire afternoon at work looking at them."

Their lab section gets way too geeky. They have all sort of games where you can complete the covers by dragging around pieces.

For the geek at heart, this is a good find:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cine Barangay 2008

The Cinemanila Cinebarangay screenings were held last November 20-22 at the Marikina River Park with subsequent stops at the most populous residential areas in Manila. Participating shorts and documentaries are from the roster of award-winning shorts and features from Dekada Cinemanila.

“Cinebarangay’s idea is to take [to the barangays] select films from Cinemanila and a host of indie films [that have] Pinoy stories. What we really want to do is make these movies accessible to everyone by screenings in public or open places like markets or plazas.” - Cinemanila founder Tikoy Aguiluz on the Inquirer.

Also premiered at Cinemanila's Sine Barangay are two short films directed by former Eraserheads band members Ely Buendia and Marcus Adoro. Plus film workshops by renowned local filmmakers: Raymond Red, Lav Diaz, and Raya Martin.

The wonderful photos were taken by Estan Cabigas

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handumanan (Remembrance)

Script selected to the 3rd Produire au Sud Film Workshop, 6th World Film Festival Bangkok P500,000 grant approved by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). To premiere in February 2009, during the celebration of the National Arts Month

Seymour Barros Sanchez
Writers: Richard Soriano Legaspi and Seymour Barros Sanchez
Produced by the NCCA and Red Room Productions
In cooperation with the Katorse Writers Group (from Ricky Lee’s 14th scriptwriting workshop), Pixel Art Media Production Co., On Cam Productions and the University of Makati Film Society

About the Director and Writer
Seymour Barros Sanchez is an instructor at the University of Makati Center for Performing and Digital Arts, a special lecturer at St. Paul University Manila (SPUM), and founder and adviser of the University of Makati Film Society (UMak FilmSoc) while Richard Soriano Legaspi is a part-time instructor at the University of the East (UE) College of Fine Arts in Caloocan. They merged their knowledge of mass communication and fine arts to come up with the story.

“Handumanan” (Remembrance) is a story of three people who seem to have lost hope of their worlds until their fateful encounter in a resort in Negros Oriental. Solita Locsin/Soledad Miranda or Sol, 36, is a romance novelist who shuns her publisher’s demand for her to write erotic pocketbooks. In addition, she is suffering from choriocarcinoma, a terminal illness, so she decides to quit her job and takes that long-delayed journey back home in a place near the more popular university town of Dumaguete. Alejandro Tan or Lean, 21, wants to be a writer but he is trapped in his job at the Commission on Audit after finishing accountancy upon the wish of his mother. He also wants to escape from a world which has been harsh to his family. Carlos Silva, 23, a Brazilian print ad model, is searching for his roots and his blog is his main connection to the other side of the world. After Sol finds out about blogging from her niece, she makes use of this new tool to continue writing. This sets up a connection with Carlos who finds her blog in the Internet and wants to meet her. On the other hand, Lean is assigned to audit in Dumaguete but his escapist attitude leads him to Sol, whose romance novels play a significant role in his life.