Monday, November 17, 2008

my grace is gone

Anything and everything that happened yesterday is long gone
and cannot be changed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Directed by Ruelo Lozendo, Written by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Cinematographers Maisa Demetillo and Albert Banzon

In a town where friars and landlords ruled the laymen and peasants, trust is a foreign word. As they prepare for a play as despedida for the Alcalde Mayor who was dismissed by the town’s friar, suspicions heat up, unraveling secrets that could change the course of their history. The afternoon the play is staged, everyone vows to take control of one’s own fate.


I have yet to see the film though. I've heard they have very promising thesps =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

24 hrs post-Bangkok call

Weng: So how was Bangkok?
Me: Great! Intense… gained 10 lbs from the hotel’s buffet
Weng: So where’s my Love of Siam?
Me: Oh, that! I tried really, but they tell me sa malls the film is ‘finished’
Weng: Finished?
Me: They mean it’s unavailable… must have ran out.
Weng: It’s a hot film anyway, I wouldn’t be surprise.
Me: I got you Last Life instead. yun Last Life in the Universe ni Pen-ek.
Weng: What’s that Last Life? Sci-fi?
Me: No, no, no you have to see it. Besides it’s the only Thai DVD with English subs.
Weng: Okay. Met any Thai filmmakers?
Me: Yeah around 4-5 of them and they have jobs. Day jobs in advertising
Weng: Wow, lucky for them. You’re such a bum noh?
Me: I know. I know…
Weng: And freelance doesn’t count as a real job!
Weng: Ano pa? Is Thailand better than Pinas?
Me: Mmm… they have their own alphabet. Ours is dead. They have a nice MRT and better tees. The Thais are such fashionistas… so hip. But it’s hotter there… like sauna-hot! Pawis to the max!
Weng: Ganun? So do I get a film fest tee?
Me: No you get a DVD lang. I gave away all the tees now.
Weng: Bitch ka talaga!
Weng: … and the gov’t called nga pala… they want their money back. So get your short done.
Me: Aack!
Weng: You have till Christmas.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Produire Au Sud takes The Tour

Malaysian director Chris Chong Chan Fui and producer Joanna Lee was selected from the 3rd Produire au Sud Bangkok workshop to present The Tour at the Produire au Sud, Festival of 3 Continents, from November 25 to December 2 in Nantes, France.

A man is pleased when he receives good instruction will sleep peacefully, because his mind is thereby cleansed. - from a book @ the hotel, "The Teaching of Buddha"

3rd Produire Au Sud

The minds of these people mix like milk and water and finally organize into a harmonious Brotherhood.
- from a book @ the hotel, "The Teaching of Buddha"

As part of the World Film Festival of Bangkok, Produire au Sud is a biennial workshop in which indie producers and directors get a chance to talk with industry figures about their films and how to get funding for them. This year's Produire au Sud Bangkok workshop will be held from October 29 to November 1. Six projects have been chosen:

* Stratosphere (Thailand) - producer Hassaya Rimphanawat; director Patavee Viranuvat
* I Carried You Home (Thailand) - producer Thacksakorn Pradubpongsa, director Tongpong Chantarangkul
* The Tour (Malaysia) - producer Joanna Lee; director Chris Chong
* Shadows of Noon (Philippines) - producer Vanessa Ulgado; director Ivy Universe Baldosa
* Balaan (Philippines) - producer Oscar Nava, director Ray Gibraltar
* Remembrance (Philippines) - producer Eloisa Espino-Sanchez, director Seymour Sanchez

They will make their pitch to producer Elise Jalladeau, screenwriter Miguel Machalski and sales agent Emilie Georges.

I Carried You Home previously came away with cash from the Asian Cinema Fund. Director Tongpong's short, Wings of Blue Angels, is part of this year's World fest program.